For more than 60 years the modern-day Steyr manufacturing location in St. Valentin has been home to the production of red-and-white tractors. In 2006, the site became the European headquarters for the Steyr and Case IH agricultural brands, a decision based on the location’s high standard of professional training and its achievement of world-class manufacturing standards. In 2013, the plant built approximately 10,500 tractors, and the Steyr brand yet again retained the number one position in the Austrian tractor market. And it’s not only the company and its customers that benefit from ongoing modernisation at the hi-tech production plant, and the recent investment in the new visitor and training centre: the local area and the entire region also gain from the success of the factory. 

World-class manufacturing

A key factor of in the success of the St. Valentin plant is the implementation of a World Class Manufacturing (WCM) system with annual audits. This system, as also used by leading automotive manufacturers, enables the sustainable and continuous optimisation of all business processes by monitoring, checking and revealing potential for improvement in areas such as quality, safety, personnel development, logistics and each individual working step throughout the whole company.

Each Steyr tractor reflects its Austrian heritage

Some 19 different models of Steyr tractor between 56 and 228 hp are manufactured with a precision that ensures the highest quality standards at the St. Valentin plant, with up to 90 per cent exported. Alongside highly qualified specialists, who receive ongoing training, the service provided by Steyr dealerships and workshops guarantees that every part of every tractor – from individual components to final assembly – leaves the factory meeting the standards of quality for which Steyr tractors are renowned all over the world.