This year, Ceahlau Mecanica started the field demonstrations together with its partner Ampa Agricultura and the farmers from Ialomita county and then continued with the farmers from Olt county along with Cesivo Agricultura partner. Farmers attending the event were able to see the germinating bed preparation equipments: the reversible plow Optim, the independent disc harrow Magnum, GD 5.2 disc harrow tested both in plowed field and directly in the stubble and the Solaris seedbed cultivator. All the tested machines are part of the new range of products which Mecanica Ceahlau has it in its portfolio and farmers can benefit from very advantageous financing conditions for their acquisitions. Those present at the events have greatly appreciated the reliability of the tested equipments and their ability to perform at a very good level, even in the heavy conditions of a resistant soil. In addition to the tested equipments, farmers present also had the opportunity to study the Steyr tractors exhibited during the events.

The field demonstration series of Mecanica Ceahlau equipments will continue throughout the year throughout the country. For more details about Mecanica Ceahlau products, please contact our sales representatives. Thank you all for your interest and for joining us.