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The future of efficient agricultural and municipal work 


When it says ecotech on a Steyr you can be sure that there is more economy, more productivity and more comfort inside. That’s thanks firstly to the innovative engine concept and secondly to the pioneering SCR exhaust treatment system. And of course the intelligent control system behind the whole engine and transmission management.



A Steyr tractor is equipped with many performance-boosting features: automatic engine rpm reduction, active productivity management, as well as S‐tronic or ecotronic systems. The engine performance management system makes up to 31 hp more available – depending on the model – for PTO or transport work: an increase in performance of up to 15 %. An additional 10 % in performance is delivered by simply reducing engine speed to 1900 rpm. The intelligent S‐tronic system controls engine‐transmission management and adapts the whole drivetrain to the current operating conditions.


Increasing productivity does not detract from cost-effectiveness, however. SCR technology boosts productivity at the same time as lowering operating costs. The implementation of SCR technology lowers diesel consumption by 10 % on average, while making available up to 14 % more power. In addition, the engines fulfil strict Stage IIIB exhaust emission standards and are environmentally friendly and clean.


The cab on a Steyr tractor makes it easy for you to operate. The controls are arranged ergonomically and logically, integrating the ecotech functions to make things as convenient as possible for the driver. The ergonomically designed Multicontroller and the intuitive ICP control panel are operator friendly and integrated into the right-hand armrest of the driver’s seat. Thanks to perfect illumination of the keys, the Multicontroller can also be operated effortlessly at night. The Intuitive Control Panel makes it easy to control the most important tractor functions.